Google Summer of Code ‘17

What is GSoC ?

GSoC is an abbreviation of Google Summer of Code, hosted yearly by Google to introduce more student developers to the Open Source community. It is only open for the university students who are above 18 years of age.

How does it work ?

First of all, all the interested organizations apply to get a place in the program and then google announces the list of the selected organizations. Now students submit their proposals and organization go through the submitted proposals thoroughly and select the students. After this students code from their home.

Why GSoC ?

Well getting selected in Google Summer of Code is in itself a very big achievement. You get an exposure to the open source world and during your coding period, you get to learn a lot of new things from highly experienced people already working on the project. Also, Google pays a handsome stipend for your generous contribution, currently for India it is $2,400.


After a lot of sleepless nights, great amount of efforts and help from a lot of people I was finally selected for the Android Client project of the OpenMRS organisation.

OpenMRS is quite different from other organizations. Their motto i.e. “Write Code and save life” caught my eye.

Community bonding period

So after finally getting selected in the Google Summer of Code 2017 the first step is community bonding. I think it is an essential step and it good that a whole month is kept for community bonding.

I talked with my mentor Avijit Ghosh and he briefed me about the priorities of the workflow.

During this period the students are able to talk with other people of the community too, other than their mentors who will be involved in the organisation. And I think it will be quite useful. As the mentors might not be available all the time, so students can clear their doubts and get help from other people too.

For my organisation OpenMRS, a telegram group for this year GSoC students is also made which is quite good. It helps to get to know other students of the community well enough.

Open Source Enthusiast | GSoC’17 at OpenMRS

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