This week was a bit hectic. I started working on adding support for visit documents and since the Visit Document UI module[1] is not a part of OpenMRS ref app so it is not installed on demo server I was using till now for testing. Therefore, I had to setup the local instance of the OpenMRS server.

In summers also I tried a lot of failed attempts to setup the server but thanks to Daniel it was working this time. Though it took a lot of time to setup due to low internet speed of the campus and the maven install failed a couple of times too. But at last it was all working fine.

Antony pointed out that app needs login locations but there setup dosen’t use locations and therefore they are not able to use the app. So, I started working on resolving it after getting the server credentials from him. But the REST services was not working properly. Everytime I sent a GET request, the server was returning the source of the webpage which should not be the case if REST services were working properly. So, I mentioned about it in the issue itself and waiting for his reply.

I also started with the appointment scheduling module and was reading its documentation to implement it in the android client.

References :


Open Source Enthusiast | GSoC’17 at OpenMRS

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