This week I completed the app demo. In my previous PR my mentor mentioned to use buttons for switching to next showcase view but the previous library I used[1] there was no option to do that so I switched to a new library[2]. It was way more customizable then the previous one. So I shifted to it and everything was working fine but to test it properly I had to clear the app data and then I was not able to login to app again for further testing.I was always getting the error of invalid credentials but strange thing is everything was working fine on the website.I tried three different devices on two different networks, I also tried with the app published on play store but no luck. So, I made a new thread on the talk forum[3] and the issue is still not resolved.

I also completed the forms creating on the server if they are not present from within the app only but I had not pushed the code to the GitHub because due to login problem I was not able to test it properly.

I also read about the provider module in the meantime so that it will further escalate progress afterwards.

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