This week was very hectic ! I travelled a lot this week in fact right now also I am writing this blog post from train. I was at my home and due to some family issues I was not able to work properly but still I managed to get some of the work done.

I read the documentation on the provider module and the appointment module from the Openmrs wiki which will help in escalating the speed of my work when I will implement them.

Currently the vitals forms has to be added manually on the Openmrs server which is a bit tedious task and also the problem is if the JSON form is not present, then the app doesn’t display any form at all, so to resolve this issue it is decided that if the HTTP request gives a null value then the form should be generated on the client side i.e. in the app.

To implement this I started test on qa-refapp server through Postman but for some reasons I was getting a 403, I reported about this and Rafal told that he is not facing any problem with the server and everything is fine. So, I again tried with it but got the same error ! Rafal posted the request he was using and now I can debug the issue properly and finally get to know what I was doing wrong.

I will fix this and then implement the rendering of the forms on the app in a day or two and now I have to devote more time as it has put behind my schedule.

Open Source Enthusiast | GSoC’17 at OpenMRS

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